The House of Abraham D Haring, Built 1783 The House of Abraham D Haring, Built 1783
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The House of Abraham D. Haring
a.k.a. Scotland Hill Farm, Built 1783

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The house is at 341 South Pascack Road, Chestnut Ridge, New York, the area that would have been called South Spring Valley, New York, in earlier days.

It was built on land bought by Daniel Haring of Northvale, NJ in 1773 from the Bayard Patent. Dowe H. Talman constructed the house for Daniel's son Abraham D. Haring in 1783. Talman placed his initials "DHT" and the date "1783" on a stone under the eaves.

Abraham Daniel Haring was born Mary 2, 1748 and baptized May 15 at the Tappan Church. He married Dirckie Ferdon, born April 8, 1749, died June 17, 1841, at age 92. He is buried in the cemetery which was connected with the Nanuet True Reformed Church and which now forms a small part of a large cemetery still in use in Nanuet.

The Daniel Abraham Haring who bought the property was the son of Abraham Jan Haring, who was himself the fourth son of the immigrant Jan Pieters Haring. Daniel's sister Rachel was married to Dowe H. Talman, so the house was actually built for Daniel by his brother-in-law.

Here is the line down to the last family owners - the numbers are those used by Ackerman in his Genealogy of the Haring Family:

#1 Jan Pieters Haring 1633 - 1683 m. Grietje Cosyns

#27 Abraham Jans Haring 1791 - 1772 m. Dirckie Talman

#342 Daniel Abraham Haring 1720 - 1806 m. Elizabeth Polhemus

#4121 Abraham Daniel Haring 1748 - 1831 m. Dirckie Ferdon

#5231 John Abraham Haring 1792 - 1849 m. Elizabeth Haring

#6432 Ann Haring m. Isaac Talman, daughter Clarissa

Clarissa Talman m. William Ellis Demarest, son Isaac Melville Demarest

Isaac Melville Demarest m. Maggie Terhune, son and daughter William and Bessie

William and Bessie Demarest, brother and sister, last family members to own house.

William Demarest died at 100 in 1993, sitting on the porch of the house - a bachelor

The house was then left vacant for two years.

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