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Betsey Bogert Haring, 10 LB Woolen Blanket, White and Blue

Betsey Bogert Haring's will leaves a 10 lb. woolen blanket, white and blue to her oldest living son, Samuel Bogert Haring. This wonderful blue and white jaquard double woven coverlet has returned to the family after many years. "Property of Elizabeth Bogert" is woven into the corner.

It was part of the exhibit of N.J.Historical Jacquard Woven Coverlets at the Nabisco Gallery in East Hanover, N.J. in 1997, and the description in that brochure reads:

I. Christie, Weaver, Bergen County Weaver: I. Christie in 1835. This weaver's history is not completely known at this time, but coverlets by him are generally either signed and/or have a three leaf rose in the corner as his signature trademark. Original owner: Elizabeth Bogert, possibly married to Peter Haring in Bergen County. The border consists of eagles with stars above their heads, several different roosters (some on the "egg"), and vases of flowers. The interior has large tulip clusters and snowflake designs. Peggy and John Foy Collection.

Now where is daughter Anna Maria Onderdonk's 10 lb. light blue and dark blue blanket today?

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