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Thomas Boggs

Thomas Boggs, married Cathrina (Trientje) -?-.

On 3 Sep 1754, Lambert & Elizabeth Laroe, of Bergen County, NJ [sold] to Thomas Boggs, of same [for] 530, 100 acres purchased by said Laroe from William & Jane van Allen and David & Catherine Hennion 30 Sep 1758 ... corner to Adolpus Shaorts. Signed Lambert (x) Laroe and Elizabeth (x) Laroe. Wit: Joseph Watson, Johannes Ester9lin) and George Ryerse.

From The Minutes of the Board of Proprietors of the Eastern Division of New Jersey from 1725 to 1744, Perth Amboy: 1960; (Re: Ramapo Tract; paraphrased unless in quotes)
----- (Vol. IV, p. 18)...4 April executed to Thomas Boggs, lot 256, 21.8 acres for 3 years from 24th of March last, paying 5/ yearly.

The farm of Thomas Boggs was advertised for sale in The New York Gazette and the Weekly Mercury in the 1770s: A noted farm of land lying at Ramapough in the county of Bergen... containing 93 acres of good land well timbered and water'd all in good fence. There is on the premises two bearing orchards of the choicest fruit, also a quantity of good meadow, that will produce 40 loads of good English hay in a year. There is a good dwelling-house, with three rooms on a floor, a fire-place in each, a very good cellar-kitchen, and a good barn...There is a well of the best water close to the kitchen door. The gristmill with two parr of stone standing on the Ramipough River is one of the best on the continent. There is plenty of water in the dryest season...It is situated about 20 miles from Hackensack, 10 or 12 miles from Ringwood and Sterling iron-works, which are good markets for all kinds of produce. The place is very pleasant, and well-situated for a gentlman's seat, a merchant or tavern keeper... The farm was to be sold at public vendue on October 4, 1774. Also to be sold on the said day on the premises were some male slaves and a strong healthy female slave, all of "unexeptionable character," together with horses, cows, sheep and hogs.

Perhaps this house did not sell, or Thomas Boggs removed to another property in Bergen County, because he is likely the "Thomas Boggs" listed in the Franklin Township Rateables for 1778 and Jan-Feb 1779 with (1778) 130 acres, 4 horses, 6 cattle, 7 hogs, 1 slave.

Children of Thomas Boggs & Trientje -?-:

----- Willem Boggs, baptized 23 Dec 1767 Paramus Reformed Dutch Church (no witnesses)

----- Elizabeth Boogs, baptized 24 April 1776 Ramapo Lutheran Church (wit: John Goerlogh, Elizabeth); apparently d.y.

----- Elizabeth Boogs, baptized 21 May 1780 Ramapo Lutheran Church (wit: John Goerlogh, Elizabeth)

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