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John Fell, said to have been a descendant of Symon Fell (see below), married 2 December 1749 Trinity Church, NYC, Susanna Marschalk, widow of Charles McIntosh.* John Fell was born 5 February 1721 NYC; d.ied 15 May 1798 Coldenham, NY.

John Fell was the senior member of the merchant firm of John Fell and Company of New York, which had several armed merchant vessels in overseas commerce as early as 1759. He was also senior member of the firm Fell and Graham, doing business at 2 Crugers Wharf on the East River. He had been involved in river boat trade on the Hackensack and Passaic Rivers.

Susanna Marschalk was the widow of Charles McIntosh (Mackintosh), son of Phineas McIntosh and Elizabeth Alsop, and by him she had two children: Phineas McIntosh and Susanna McIntosh. Charles MackIntosh was a merchant of New York City. Charles MackIntosh died before 3 Febraury 1749 while he was on the voyage back home from London and left his wife, Susanna, and two children, Phineas and Susanna. Shortly after his death, the widow was married again, this time to John Fell, on 2 December 1749. Susanna and Phineas MackIntosh were raised in the Fell household in New Jersey (Petersfield).

John and Susanna Fell lived at what is today Allendale, Bergen County, New Jersey, in a house still standing at 475 Franklin Turnpike (he called his estate here Petersfield). He later moved to Coldenham, NY, where he died.

John Fell may have had a sister, Anna Magdelen Fell, who m. Hendrick Jacobszen; they had a dau. who married Henry Cuyler, a NYC merchant who was also involved with shipping.
John Fell was an important and influential man in Bergen County. He was a justice of the peace in Bergen County, a member of the Provincial Congress, a member of the New Jersey Council, and a member of the Continental Congress.

Nero, a Negro servant of Judge Fells, a tory from Ramapough, was captured and taken prisoner in Clinton's raid on English Neighborhood, 19 Dec. 1776.

The will of "Garrit Miller, of Smith's Clove, Precinct of Cornwall, Orange County, N.Y." (dated 5 Oct 1777; John Fell was a witness) was probated at Petersfield, Bergen County, N.J. 13 June 1778.

Children of Charles Mackintosh (McIntosh) & Susanna Marschalk:

----- Phineas MackIntosh (McIntosh), m. Amy Hawxhurst. He d. shortly after the marriage. His will was proved 15 January 1776 in Chester, Orange Co., NY.

----- Susannah Mackintosh (McIntosh), m. 1771 Paramus NJ, Nathan Smith.

Children of John Fell & Susanna Marschalk:

----- Peter Renaudet Fell, b. about 1752; d. 6 Oct 1789 Coldenham, NY. He was a Lieutenant-Colonel of Bergen County Militia; m. 1781 Margaret Colden, dau. of Cadwallader Colden & Elizabeth Ellison, and granddaughter of Lieut.-Gov. Cadwallader Colden. They had three children. Margaret Colden Fell m. (2) before 1796, Peter Galatian.

----- Elizabeth Fell, m. 13 Oct 1774 NYC Cadwallader Colden, son of Cadwallader Colden & Elizabeth Ellison, and grandson of Lieut.-Gov. Cadwallader Colden. Cadwallader Colden m. (2) license dated 9 Oct 1783, Christina Griffith.

*Probably Charles Mackintosh, whose will is abstracted in New York Genealogical & Biographical Record, Jan. 1906, p. 50, New York Gleanings in England:
Charles Mackintosh, City of New York. Will 2 February, 1747-8; proved 3 February. 1749-50. My son Phineas and my daughter Susanna shall be maintained out of profits of my estate till they are 21. All my estate to my wife Susanna Mackintosh and to my son Phineas and my daughter Susanna to wit, one fourth to my wife, one half to my son Phineas, one fourth to my daughter Susanna. If Phineas die his share to be divided between my said wife and daughter, if my daughter die her share to my son Phineas. Executors: wife Susanna and my friends Stephen Bayard of the City of New York and Richard Alsop of New Town upon Long Island. Witnesses: Elisha Parker, Par. Parmyter, Dno. Crofts.Greenly, 51

A journal kept by John Fell as a member of the Continental Congress was published in 1973:
Whisenhunt, Donald W.: Delegate from New Jersey: The Journal of John Fell, Kennikat Press, 1973.

From The Minutes of the Board of Proprietors of the Eastern Division of New Jersey from 1725 to 1744, Perth Amboy (Re: Ramapo Tract; paraphrased unless in quotes)
-----(Vol. IV, p. 458, Biog.)...Fell, John (1721-98): Bergen Co.; merchant; j.p. , Bergen Co., 1767; N.J. Provincial Congress, 1775-76; N.J. Council, 1776-77, 1782-83; taken prisoner by Loyalists and jailed in N.Y.C., 1777-78; Continental Congress, 1778-80.
-----(Vol. IV, p. 37)...2 April 1766...Mr. Rutherfurd informed the Board that Mr. John Fell had applied to him and others of the Members requesting that the General Proprietors would sell him about an acre of land being a part of a small bottom lying at the mouth of the outlet of a run that vents from a large bog meadow he is improving lying within the Romopock Tract and now under lease to Hendrick Oldis. Which the Board having considered and as they are determined at present not to sell and of the Romopock lands, it is ordered that Mr. Fell may have leave to agree for the possession of said small bottom with said Oldis, and then may make what use he pleases of the same.
-----(Vol. IV, p. 171)...16 April 1773...Mr. Cuyler reported...Mr. Fell applied to purchase 7.8 acres, being the outlet corner of the bog meadow he is improving the other side of the run being his property...Capt. Provoost also applied to buy 16 acres along the said run and joining the former, these are parts of a lot of 100 acres...much of the lot is bog meadow, and this being the lower end, clearing the outlet and draining this might give more value to the remainder.

Simon Fell married 9 Sep 1656 New Amsterdam (NYC Ref Dutch Ch), Anneken Vincent (Anna). He was said to have been born in Dieppe, France. He died before February 1680. In the marriage record he is "Van Diepen in Vranckryck" and she is "Van Amsterdam."
Anna Vincent, widow of Simon Fell, m. (2) 15 Feb 1680 at Brooklyn Ref Dutch Ch (rec. NYC Ref Dutch Ch), Johannes Casjou (Cousseau), widower of Magdaleen de Tuljerer.

Children of Simon Fell & Anna Vincent:

----- Marie Fel, bp. 13 Dec 1656 New Amsterdam (NYC Ref Dutch Ch) (wit: Matheus deVos, Notaris, Pietertie Kip, Hester Van Couwenhoven, Maria Vinge)

----- Magdaleen Fell, bp. 3 June 1660 New Amsterdam (NYC Ref Dutch Ch) (wit: Willem de Merck, Hester Vincent, Clara Steyns); m. (possibly?) Willem Appel.

----- (possibly?) Helena Fell, m. (1) 26 Sep 1686 NYC Ref Dutch Ch, Jean LeMontez. She m. (2) 16 Dec 1694 NYC Ref Dutch Ch (as "Helena Fellart, widow of Jean Le Montez), Robbert Grege (Griecx; Griggs), Mariner; m. (3) Caleb Cooper. In her will dated 24 May 1726, probated 19 Dec 1728 (NYC; unrecorded), "Helena Cooper, of New York, widow" mentioned son John Le Montes, daughter Rachel, wife of Dugall Campbell; daughter Mary Cooper; grandchildren Jennett Campbell and John Campbell. Made three children executors. Witnesses were Coenradt Ten Eyck, Simon Johnson and [name illegible]. Children of Jean Le Montez and Helena Fell:
---------- Anneken LeMontez, bp. 20 June 1687 NYC Ref Ch (wit: Jan Vincent, Hendrick Jacobszen, Susanna Fel); not in mother's will in 1728.
---------- Johannes LeMontez, bp. 13 Feb 1689 NYC Ref Ch (wit: Jan Vincent, Hendrick Jacobszen, Anneken Jans)
---------- Jean Le Montez, bp. 6 Mar 1692 NYC Ref Ch (wit: Hendrick Jacobszen, Helena Demarets)
---------- Rachel Le Montez ("LaMontus" in bp. rec.), bp. 31 Dec 1693 NYC Ref Ch (wit: Mr. Philip French, en Mary Berry); m. Dugall Campbell. They had two children, Jenett and John Campbell.

Child of Robert Griecx & Helena Fell:
---------- Margareta Griecx, bp. 13 Oct 1695 NYC Ref Ch (wit: Georgius Schrogie, Jannetje Griecx); not mentioned in mother's 1726 will.

Child of Caleb Cooper & Helena Fell:
---------- Mary Cooper

----- Annetie Vale (Annetje Simons), bp. 15 Oct 1662 NYC Ref Dutch Ch (wit: Jacques Catsjouw, Jannetie Jans); m. (1) Hendrick Jacobszen (they had children bp. NYC Ref Dutch Ch 1689, 1691, 1692; she is called "Anneken Fellart" in m. rec.); m. (2) 10 Nov 1695 NYC Ref Dutch Ch, Thomas Lynes. Children of Hendrick Jacobszen & Annetje Fell:
---------- Annetje [Jacobsen], bp. 29 Mar 1688 NYC Ref Dutch Ch (wit: Pieter Abrahamszen, Susanna Fellart, Jean Le Montez)
---------- Hendrick [Jacobszen], bp. 31 Mar 1689 NYC Ref Dutch Ch (wit: Jan Muncken, Susanna Fellart); apparently d.y.
---------- Hendrick [Jacobsen] (twin), bp. 1 Jan 1691 NYC Ref Dutch Ch (wit: Jan Montes, Susanna Fellart, Robbert Barkens, Hester Arians)
---------- Simon [Jacobsen] (twin), bp. 1 Jan 1691 NYC Ref Dutch Ch (wit: Jan Montes, Susanna Fellart, Robbert Barkens, Hester Arians)
---------- Maria [Jacobszen], bp. 31 July 1692 NYC Ref Dutch Ch (wit: Jan Vincent, Maria Gysberts); m. Hendick Kuyler (Henry Cuyler).

----- Susanna [Fell], bp. 25 May 1665 NYC Ref Dutch Ch (no father given in rec.; mother=Annetje Vincent) (wit: Jacquis Casjou, Magdalena Casjou); prob. m. Johannes Janszen. They had children:
---------- Catharina (Janszen), bp. 25 Aug 1695 NYC Ref Dutch Ch (wit: Robbert Greex, Cornelia de Peyster)
---------- Johannes (Janszen), bp. 13 Oct 1697 NYC Ref Dutch Ch (wit: Jan Markenier, Benjamin Harring, Mettje Markenier)
---------- Anna (Janson), bp. 11 Feb 1700 NYC Ref Dutch Ch (wit: Machiel Hardon, Hester Cleef)
---------- Simon Janse, bp. 19Apr 1702 NYC Ref Dutch Ch (wit: Francis Vincent, Helena Coepers)

---- Simon Fell, bp. 2 Nov 1667 NYC Ref Dutch Ch (wit: Jan Gerdyn, Maria de Vos)

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