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Jan Pieterszen Haring Descendants, Second Generation

Jan Pietersen Haring and Grietje's Cosyn's Children

After 1674 baptisms should be recorded as taking place in
the New York Dutch Reformed Church, rather than the New
Amsterdam DRC, according to information on the Olive Tree

2.1  PIETER Jans Haring was born August 13, 1664 as recorded in the Haring
       Family Notebook; there is no other record of his baptism.

2.2  VROUTJE Janse Haring, born March 3, 1667, baptized May 15, 1667 at the NA DRC,
        recorded as follows: "15 May;  Jan Pieterszen, Grietie Cozyns, VROUWTIE;
        Cozyn Gerritszen, Vrouwtie Gerrits" (sponsors).

2.3  COSYN Jans Haring, born February 3, 1669, baptized March 3, 1669 at the NA
       DRC ,recorded as follows: "31 Feb (i.e. March 3); Jan Pieterszen Haring,
       Grietie Cozyns, COZYN; Vrouwtie Gerrits" (sponsor).

2.4  CORNELIS Jans Haring, born March 4, 1672, baptized April 10, 1672 at the NY DRC,
       recorded as follows: "10 Apr; Jan Pieterszen, Grietie Cozyns; CORNELIS;
      Andries Jeuriaenszen, Geertie Cozyns" (sponsors).
       He married (in 1693?) Cattryn Vlierboom

2.5  BRECHTJE Jans Haring, born July 4, 1675, baptized July 14 or 17, 1675 at the NY DRC,
       recorded as follows: "17 Jul; Jan Pieterszen, Grietie Cozyns; BRECHTIE; Hans Jacobszen,
       Grietie Plettenburg" (sponsors).
       She married (in 1694?) Theunis Taelman

2.6  MARYTIE Jans Haring, born September 27,1679, baptized October 11, 1679 at the NY DRC,
       recorded as follows: "11 Oct; Jan Pieterszen Haring, Grietie Cozyns; MARYTIE;
       Pieter de Riemer, Hillegond Joris" (sponsors).
       She married (1694 or 5?)  Jakob Vlierboom

2.7  ABRAHAM Jans Haring, born November 24, 1681, baptized December 13, 1681 at the NY DRC,
       recorded as follows: "13 Dec; Jan Pieterszen, Grietie Cozyn; ABRAHAM;
       Jochem Wouterszen, Belitje Jacobs" (sponsors).
       He married Dircktie Taelman on June 25, 1707 in Tappan

       The record in Budke reads:
       "Abram Haring born on the Bouwery on Manades Island
       Dirckie Talema born at Nayack
       June 25, 1707"

       The NYG&B record reads:
       "1707, June 7 Abram Haringh and Dirckie Tallman, j.d. born at Nayack in the
       County of Orange, both of the farm on the Manades (Manhattan) Island, betrothed
       in the presence of Daniel De Klerck. Married June 25."

 Although the Tappan Dutch Reformed Church was formed in 1694,
the first betrothal that there is a record for was in 1699.

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