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An ancestor of the northern New Jersey Mowersons was Maurits Sluys Wachter, who married the widow Steenwyck. The name Sluiswachter is an occupational name, meaning the keeper of the lock or gate of a canal. The widow Steenwyck had two children by her first husband: Jannetie Steenwyck and Cornelis Steenwyck. Jannetje Steenwyck m. John Van Gooten. Cornelis Steenwyck m. Margareta de Riemer.
Children of Maurits Sluys Wachter were:

-----Jacob Maurits Sluys Wachter (Jacob Mowerson), married Margrietje VandeGrift. Jacob Mauritz was a mariner. He was the captain of the ship The Beurs of Amsterdam in 1674 and master of The Beaver of New York in 1684. In 1686 he was living on the east side of Broad Street in New York City.

Margrietje's father, Paulus VandeGrift (Van der Grist) was also a ship captain. He sold all of his property in New York in 1671 and went back to Holland.

Jacob's will was dated 3 Aug 1707 (with at least two codicills, the last dated Dec 1725) and it was probated in New York 25 Nov 1726, and in Elizabeth Town, NJ 17 Jan 1727. Margriet's will was dated 11 Mar 1727 in which she called herself "widow of Jacob of Elizabethtown, Essex County [New Jersey]."

----- Annetie Maurits Sluys Wachter, married 26 Apr 1671 (1) Dominie Wilhelmus Van Niewenhuysen; m. (2) 18 July 1687 (as his third wife), Johannes Provost. Annatie and her first husband had a child, Maurits, bp. 3 Mar 1672 NYC Ref Dutch Ch (wits. were Jacob Mauritszen Sluys Wachter, Margareta de Riemer)

A probable descendant of Jacob Maurits Slys Wachter (Jacob Mowerson) was:

Jacobus Mouresse (Mowerson), son of Isaac Mourison & Maria DeBaun. He was baptized 28 April 1745 Pompton Plains Ref Dutch Ch and died in 1825 in Franklin Township, Bergen County, NJ. He married Lena -?-. They lived in Franklin Township, Bergen County, NJ.

On a map dated May 1787 in the vicinity of what is today Ramsey, near the intersection of today's Route 17 and Lake Street, is the 231-acre tract labeled "Lucas Campbell, Jacobus Mowerson" along with the notation "building a house."

The will of "James Mourison of the Township of Franklin" was dated 19 Feb 1825 and witnessed by Michael Salyer, John DeBaun, and John Mandigo. He left 20 acres to his son Peter Mourison with the stipulation that Peter pay his sister Catherine $25 when she needed it. He left his farm in Franklin Township and the remainder of his his real and personal estate to his grandson, James P. Mowerson, with the stipulation that he "give unto my beloved wife during her life a good and comfortable maintenance in livelihood, and $25 in cash." He also mentioned in his will a daughter Catherine, and her son John Alyea. In a codicil of the same date, he directed that his wife should have "the room at the east end of my House and the bedroom at the end of the hall to her use during life, and also the use of the Cellar and Chamber."
Children of Jacobus Mouresse & Lena -?-:

----- Catrina Mowerson, bp. 22 June 1766 Paramus Ref Dutch Ch (wit: Pieter A. Debouw and Catrina Duremus); m. [Peter?] Alyea.

----- Peter Mowerson (Petrus), b. 24 April 1768; d. 22 Aug 1849; m. Margaret Valentine.

----- Isaac Mourusse, b. 24 July, bp. 11 Aug 1771 Paramus Ref Dutch Ch (wit: Isaac and Marytje Mourusse)

Other Mowersons in the area before 1800 were Edward, John, and Henry Mowerson, who owned property in the vicinity of Ramsey, Bergen County, NJ.

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